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Many large web hosting providers struggle to strike a balance between dependability, uptime, and excellent customer service, leaving consumers unsatisfied and in the dark. SiteCare by Brainstorm is unique. We do more than just host your website. We are the 24 hour a day, 7 days a week custodians of your essential digital investment. Our complete web hosting plan goes above and beyond the standard shared/managed hosting solution by providing a truly comprehensive set of services at a reasonable price and with an excellent customer support infrastructure.

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Importance of good hosting

Having a solid website hosting provider is crucial if your brand wants to provide a high-quality service to the public. Hosting can be used for a variety of applications, including systems, virtual storefronts, blogs, and websites, with benefits ranging from improved performance to increased security.

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Website Hosting Features

Brainstorm Care is different. We don’t just host your site. We serve as the around-the-clock guardians of your vital digital investment.

WAF Firewall

Our intelligent Web Application Firewall (WAF), uses a 300+ ruleset designed to combat dangerous web application attacks.

Disaster-proof backups

Nightly automatic backups, lightning-fast restores, secure offsite AWS storage, and advanced ZFS file system technology.

Domains & DNS

Point your domains to our hosting with hassle-free automatic import. Manage DNS and nameservers from your hosting dashboard.

Cloudflare Integration

Seamlessly control Cloudflare’s APO and browser caching settings without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

Global CDN

Need to boost your site speed? We include setup for a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) as part of our managed WordPress hosting service.

10 GB of storage

We offer a generous 10GB of disk storage to accommodate all of your images, pdfs, video, and any other media from your WordPress website.

Managed WordPress Core

Never again will you have to worry about updating your WordPress site. We keep you up to date so you don't lose out on new features or expose your website to security dangers.

24/7 Security Monitoring

When it comes to keeping your WordPress site safe and secure, monitoring and prevention is key. By partnering with Sucuri to offer around-the-clock malware scanning.

SSL certificate

We provide a free SSL certificate through LetsEncrypt™ and make sure it’s properly validated and up to date. SSL connections create a secure, encrypted connection.

Brainstorm Care Services

Focus on what you do best, Running your Business

We take the burden out of managing your WordPress site by handling all of the hard work for you, regardless of the WordPress maintenance package you pick. Backups, upgrades, maintenance, and security are no longer a problem.

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