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WordPress Speed Optimization

Your website's speed matters.

Brainstorm Care specialises in optimising the speed of WordPress sites of all sizes and types. Never again worry about a slow load time driving users away or Google punishing your site for poor technical performance. Sign up with Brainstorm Care for better website performance, automated reporting, and Google PageSpeed optimization with its entire WordPress speed optimization suite.

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WordPress Speed Matters

A slow website has been shown to increase the number of people who leave your site and provide a poor user experience. Search engines, such as Google, monitor your site’s speed and might punish you for having sluggish load times, lowering your search rankings.

Our Services

Managed WordPress Speed Services

Our skilled engineers have created a tried-and-true process for optimising your site. WordPress speed is crucial for any site, thus we go above and beyond what other providers offer.

Leverage Browser Caching

When people visit your site, they’re showed a faster-loading cached version instead of loading the entire page.

Enable Compression

We enable Gzip compression from your server or from where your assets are being delivered. This means lower loading times and an overall faster website.

Brainstorm Care's CDN

Take the load off your server by serving your files from 45 locations worldwide using our blazing fast UNLIMITED CDN

Cloudflare Integration

Seamlessly control Cloudflare’s APO and browser caching settings without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

Optimize Images

We use lossless compression to optimize all your images without sacrificing quality. We’ll also auto-compress any images you upload in the future.

Lazy Loading Images

Lazy loading for iframes and images across your site decreases load time and saves bandwidth. We make sure not to use external JS libraries to keep the call outs to a minimum.

Complete Cache Suite

Get faster load times with our caching suite, including Full-page, Browser, RSS and Gravatar cache, and 3rd-party integration with Redis, Op-Cache, and Varnish.

Uptime Monitoring

Monitor your server response time and be notified whenever your site is down or too slow for your visitors.

Performance Reports

SiteCare scans your site and makes recommendations for improving performance. Email reporting provides ongoing insights.

Brainstorm Care Services

Focus on what you do best, Running your Business

We take the burden out of managing your WordPress site by handling all of the hard work for you, regardless of the WordPress maintenance package you pick. Backups, upgrades, maintenance, and security are no longer a problem.

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